Sunday morning nursery care is offered during both morning services, 9 a.m. & 10:45 a.m.


Inside the Worship Center

This nursery provides nap rooms, swings, age-appropriate toys and a safe place for exploration. Crawlers are sung to, played with, rocked, bottle fed and/or (with permission) given Cheerios for snack. The caregiver/crawler ratio is 1:3.

Toddlers & Two's

In the family Center room 108

The morning begins with supervised play. This consists toys and activities such as puzzles, blocks, coloring, play dough and the reading of books. A snack of crackers and water is given. Attention to any potty-training is intertwined with the story, song time, and crafts to finish off each hour. Caregivers pray for and with the children. The caregiver/child ratio is 1:4.