Moving Your Marriage in God’s Direction

Today, it is easier than ever to end a marriage. The divorce rate inside the church has caught up to society, which sends the message that God has nothing better to offer when it comes to marriage than the world. But is that really true? If God is the author of marriage, is His institution simply outdated?  Or is it possible that as believers, we are overlooking the wisdom that comes from God's Word in regards to marriage?  

The truth is that the Bible is rich with wisdom and instruction for marriage, that when simply and faithfully applied, can transform even the most desperate of homes. Whether you are getting ready to say "I do," a newlywed, or seasoned spouse, we all need divine guidance.  

Join us as we take a look at not just what God says about marriage, but why He says it. We'll lay out principles you can put into practice that very day. From the importance of forgiveness, to the practicalities of basic communication, what it means to love your wife, and yes, ladies we're going to talk about submission - God's wisdom is purposeful and practical. 

Download the Marriage Wheel Booklet and work through the video series

  • David and Kristen Wisen

    have been married for thirty-five years. They have six children and eight grandchildren. David is the teaching pastor at Harvest Spring Lake in Michigan. Kristen has taught women's Bible studies for twenty years and authored five books. They have worked with struggling marriages across the country.  Their love for the Lord and HIs bride fuels their ministry, along with the wisdom that comes from experience and a deep love for the Word of God.