Scrip is a program to facilitate charitable rebates through common purchases from your favorite stores, restaurants and service providers. With scrip, you’ll have significant opportunities to provide funding relief for select events, programs, and materials at Riverpark.

How It Works

We do scrip differently than you may have done at a local school or other non-profit organization.  Rather than raising money for the organization, the money you will be raising is for your own family.  You may use it for church-related activities. You can also use it to make a donation to a missions trip or the benevolence fund.

We have scrip available from a variety of vendors. It is used the same as cash (at Kohls it can also be used to make a payment on your account).

Create An Account

Go to and set up a login and password. You will need to enter our church enrollment code in order to register. Please contact the church office for this information at 559-435-0190.


After you register, click on “Order Scrip” at the top of the page. Find the items you wish to purchase and enter the quantity of each item you would like. You may bring your payment in when you pick your order up in the office, or at church on Sunday at the Information Center.

*Please note: We are NOT able to do the “Scrip Now” or “Reloading” of the cards.


If you have any questions, please contact Karen Dobbs at karendobbs (at) riverpark dot org.

Happy Shopping!