Our purpose is to glorify God by sharing the love of Jesus with preschoolers and their families. By the time our kids enter Kindergarten, we want them to understand that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their best friend forever. Just as children are a rich heritage for both parents and the body of Christ, parents and members of the body play essential roles in making God’s love real to little children. It is our desire to come alongside parents in nurturing the faith of their children. Our responsibility is to prayerfully model and teach truth.

Karen Drew

Director of Children's Ministries


Sunday Morning Care

Sunday morning nursery care is offered during both morning services 9:00 am & 10:45 am.

Crawler Nursery (2 months to walking)

This nursery provides nap rooms, swings, age-appropriate toys and a safe place for exploration. Crawlers are sung to, played with, rocked, bottle fed and/or (with permission) given Cheerios for snack. The caregiver/crawler ratio is 1:3.

Busy Bees (walking to 2 years)

Our toddler room morning begins with quiet supervised free play. This play consists of activities using such toys and activities as puzzles, blocks and reading books. A snack of crackers and water is given. Caregivers pray for and with the children. The caregiver/child ratio is 1:4.

Ministry Application

All who are involved in ministry with our children are required to fill out our Ministry Application and return it to the church office.