Koinonia (All Ages)

Koinonia is an adult flock group made up of a variety of ages. We invite you to come join us for an refreshing time of fellowship and study in God’s Word.

Koinonia’s Class Purpose

Fellowship with believers

Adoration of Christ

Ministry opportunity

Instruction in the word

Leadership development

Your participation

Class Statement

“To provide an environment where we will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; and by the power of the Holy Spirit spur one another on towards love and good deeds.”
II Peter 3:18 and Hebrews 10:24

Koinonia’s Class Environment

Koinonia is the Greek word which describes the fellowship of believers. In the early church this described participation together in companionship, meals, encouragement, good news, and great victories. Koinonia also described sharing sorrows, suffering, and burdens.  The name Koinonia was chosen for this body of believers as a reminder that we depend upon one another much as individual parts of the body must depend on all the others to function.  We depend also upon our elders and pastors for leadership, nurturing, and encouragement.

Therefore the Koinonia Class is a place of:

Belonging – one believer belonging to another (individuals are not excluded)

Caring – love expressed in prayer, service, and physical support
(needs are met)

Friendship – growth in genuine relationships (exclusive cliques wane)

Accountability – spurring one another on to love and good deeds
(no selfish laziness)

Hospitality – welcoming and connecting with visitors and established friends

Spiritual Growth – devoting ourselves to scripture and obeying what we learn

Evangelism – reaching out as ambassadors of redemption

Weekly Meetings & Events

Sunday School

9:00 Koinonia Class I
Meeting in the Family Center/Gym Floor led by Cory & Kimberly Bell
Email: coryjbell (at) yahoo dot com or kimberlykbell (at) yahoo dot com
Phone Number: 269-6151

10:45 Koinonia Class II
Meeting in Room 109 in the Family Center, led by Dave & Carrie Padgett

Service/Outreach Opportunities

Care Connections: The second Saturday of every month, our class helps serve with Care Connections. This is a ministry designed to help widows, elderly, singles, or anyone needing assistance with household chores and/or yard work. Tasks are assigned based on how many volunteers plan on helping. Families are encouraged to serve together. We meet in the church parking lot to divide jobs at 8:30 am and work is usually finished by 12:00 pm. Please contact Corey File one week prior to allow time to line up tasks (246-0686).