How YOU can be a Member...

An Inquirers Class has been designed to help you understand the distinguishing characteristics of our church.

The three and a half hour session, from 6:30 pm-10:00 pm, led by Pastor George Posthumus, is held every six weeks with the date announced several weeks in advance. It is designed to give a general overview of the church and what we believe. This class is a wonderful time for you to get to know us as well as letting us get to know you. We recommend that you attend a class as soon after your first visit as possible. We have found it to be a great opportunity for you to become initially acquainted with our pastor and church leaders.

Attending this class does not obligate you to join.

After attending this class a membership application can be filled out which is followed by a personal interview by two church leaders. The Elder Council approves members after the personal interview and the congregation later ratifies that recommendation. New members are then welcomed into the church during our morning services.