Harvest Offering

Your opportunity to give toward our Harvest projects will be extended to the end of the year.

Riverpark Family,


I cannot express Daisy’s and my joy in the Lord to be a part of Riverpark Bible Church and the loving embrace we have received! I was moved when reading Charles Spurgeon and he said, “When joy and prayer are married, their first born child is gratitude.” This Thanksgiving this is the song of our heart for we are so grateful to the Lord for you! This praise is echoed by the gratitude we have for Pastor George and the faithfulness of our elder board as we eagerly walk together into the future!

I am always amazed how the Lord uses temporal things for His kingdom work! He has given us much at Riverpark and we are called to be good stewards of the much he has entrusted to us! That is why our Harvest offering is never about brick and mortar, but how everything we have can be used to impact people for Christ.


After prayer and planning, the elders and I are excited to share with you the plan for the Harvest offering this year! Our passion is that it will develop a culture of invitation for our community, steward our resources, and strengthen our security for our children. Please visit riverpark.org to watch a video explaining this in more detail, but explain Phase 1.



Repaint and repair the exterior of our building: Currently our building has over 6 different colors of paint, as well as deteriorating stucco. Our desire is to repair the needed areas of our building and paint one color, which will both care for and update our building.


Strengthen our security for Children’s Ministry: One of our greatest resources is our kids, and we are committed to their security. Our goal is to provide parents a clear path to check in their children, thus building confidence and care for the security of their precious little ones. We will be placing a new exterior sign to give clear direction to our new Check-in Center on the east side of the family center. In addition, we will be placing a removable barrier inside the Family Center so we can keep our kids in and people that don’t need to be there out.


New signs to welcome guests: On an average, over 20,000 cars drive by our church every day. With an updated marquee sign, as well as those placed on Alluvial, we will share with our community who we are and invite them to worship with us! 


After receiving multiple bids, we are seeking the Lord to provide $75,000 for this Harvest offering. Anything that is above our need will go to Phase 2, which will allow us to invest in the Alluvial property. We found that the moment we place a parking lot on the property, we will no longer have to pay property taxes, or for the overflow lot we rent. This will save us up to $17,000 a year. Once we have all the details from the city of Fresno, we will come back to you in the early part of next year to share with you the plan.


Please prayerfully consider what you would give this year, and note we will be receiving the Harvest offering through the end of the year. We are thankful for all God has done this year at Riverpark and eager to sow seeds of faith with you, and watch him grow His Kingdom in His people!


For His Glory

Pastor John Cox

Senior Pastor

Riverpark Bible Church