Growth Groups

About Growth Groups   

A Growth Group is a place where Christians can grow. It is also a catalyst for the growth of the gospel. It prepares leaders to gather together fellow believers in evangelistic efforts. It will equip leaders to grow Christians and to grow the gospel. It is disciple-making based on the authority of God’s Word. 

What happens at a Growth Group?

  • Prayer – It is the natural disposition of children delighting in their Father. It is the cry of utter dependence on God for salvation and growth.
  •  Learning God’s Word – God has revealed His will for His people, for their salvation and godly living. In Growth Groups, we learn God’s Word through Christ-centered Bible study and we encourage each other to obey it and declare His Word as the very authority of God.
  • Proclaiming God’s Word – Those who have received God’s mercy in His Son want all the world to know. Christianity is contagious. It spreads through Christians telling others the Good News of God’s grace in Christ. This is a key ingredient in the disciple-making process. 

Questions & Answers

“How are the Growth Groups formed?”

In a perfect world Growth Groups would consist of people living in the same zip code with a mixture of younger, middle-aged, and older folks, married and unmarried. The reality is that groups will be formed in a plethora of ways.

“Am I required to stay in the same Growth Group?”

The assumption will be that the Growth Groups will stay together until it is time to multiply a second group. As much as we would prefer people bonding and working through relationship issues in love, we wouldn’t prevent a move to another group.

“If I have an unsaved friend, is it okay to bring them to the Growth Group?”

If we are aiming to spread the gospel through the group, why not invite non-Christians to join it? The group will certainly need to work out a game plan, but the gospel being lived out in believers is powerful.

“I’m just too busy! What if I want to be in a Growth Group but I just don’t have time?”

There will certainly be some tough choices along the way. Life-style evaluation is healthy and vital.

“How often will the Growth Groups meet?”

Growth Groups meet two to five times a month. They typically slow down between Thanksgiving and New Years, and the pace among groups varies in the summer. As the school year starts, we often make a push for people to join a Growth Group.