Our deacons facilitate the care and physical needs of our church body.

Dave Padgett

Chairman of the Deacon Board

Dave has attended Riverpark for 24 years and has served as Deacon for 10 years. He has served as Deacon of Transportation, Deacon of Security, Sunday school teacher, Awana leader/commander, and Usher. He is currently the Chairman of the Deacon Council. Dave has been married to Carrie for 37 years and they have two adult daughters, Amber and Taryn.

Clint Kneeland

Clint currently serves as Deacon of Outside Ministries. Clint has been married to Judy for 45 years and they have four adult children.

Jesse Quintana

Jesse has attended Riverpark for eight years and has served on the Deacon Board for three years. In addition to his duties as a Deacon, he also works with the Samaria/Local Outreach Ministry and teaches fourth grade Sunday School. Jesse has been married to Inez for 26 years and they have two adult children, Elisha and Aliciana.  

Larry Strauss

Larry has attended Riverpark for 45 years. He served on the Elder Council for 30 years and has been on the Deacon Board for the past three years. His duties as Deacon include Marriage Ministries and Benevolence, and he also serves in the music ministry as a member of the worship choir and "One Voice." Larry has been married to Margaret for 44 years and they have two adult children, Jennifer and Laura.  

Ken Trapp

Ken has attended Riverpark for 20 years and has served on the Deacon Board for six years. He currently serves in the area of Baptism Ministry and has worked in parking lot security and the nursery. Ken has been married to Sandy for 44 years and they have two adult children, Scott and Karen.    

LeRoy Kinzel

LeRoy has attended Riverpark for 18 years. He has served in Awana, has been an usher, taught Sunday School, and is currently leading a small group Bible study.  He is now involved with an RV ministry called Sowers. LeRoy has been married to Marilyn for almost 51 years. They adopted two children, one with the Lord and the other is their adult daughter, Heidi.

Bill Carlson

Bill has attended Riverpark for 29 years. He has been involved in Awana (10 years), Care Connections, Ushering (25 years), and he previously served as a Deacon and Elder in the early to mid 90's. Bill has been married to Carol for almost 40 years and they have three adult children, Jenny, Joy, and Eric.

Bruce Higton

Bruce has been a member of Riverpark Bible Church for nine years. In addition to being the deacon of transportation, he has been working in the Welcome Center and the new flock, Next Gen. Bruce and Patty have been married for 39 years, and have two married adult children, Jason and Ryan.

James Bernabe

James has attended Riverpark for eight years. He has served with the Jr. High Ministry, the Tech Ministry, and is currently the deacon of outreach, which involves the Sports Ministry. He and his wife Debbie have been married for 22 years, and have four children, Anneliese, Alex, Andrea, and Andrew.

Larry Gale

Larry Gale has attended Riverpark for 14 years. He has served in the Joint Heirs Flock, in the High School Ministry, taught 5th grade, and served in Care Connections. He has been married to his wife Bertha for 26 years. Larry and Bertha have three adult children, Tiffany, Lydia, and Chandler.

Steve Doty

Steve has attended Riverpark for 11 years. He has served in AWANA and on the Parking Lot Security Team over the past several years. Steve has been married to Mindy for 17 years and they have four adult children, Christopher, Jeremy, Kevin, and Jessica.