Conservative Baptist Association of America

We are members of the CBA, an association of churches throughout the United States as well as many foreign countries. Conservative Baptists are known for their strong stand, accepting the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, and a strong emphasis upon sharing the Gospel of salvation through Christ, to the world.

Conservative Baptist Association of Northern California

We are also affiliated with the CBA of NC, a group of about 126 churches in northern California which are autonomous churches, but are banded together for fellowship and the task of establishing new churches in developing areas of our state.

World Venture

We enthusiastically support missionaries who serve under World Venture, a society dedicated to taking the gospel to as many areas throughout the world as we possibly can. These missionaries are from our own churches, and we voluntarily support them as our congregation determines we should.

Mission to the Americas

The missionaries supported through this society are active in works on the North American continent and U.S. territories. They are active in starting new churches, college campus work, inner city, ethnic works and many others. As with CBI, these are missionaries from our own CBA churches.

Other Faith Missions

We support missionaries serving in several other faith missions when we determine they are effective in their work for the cause of Christ.