CHURCH PICNIC! …Why the changes?

Our Annual Woodward Park Picnic has been an RBC highlight for many, many years! Families came to services on Sunday morning… headed straight to the park where lunch was waiting to be eaten and games to be played. Then two years we added a (children’s) “Family Picnic” up at Shaver Lake on Labor Day. Then word got out how fun THAT picnic was and many others wanted to be a part of that action. Now the Shaver picnic rivals the Woodward one just a few weeks later.

So as the staff recovered from two picnics in a month… and considered some things we might possibly improve on… we made the bold decision to give us more space in-between events, moving the Annual Church Picnic to Spring!

Moving it to a Saturday will now help the Staff who struggled to perform all our Sunday AM responsibilities, while putting on a picnic for 600 directly after services. Moving it to the evening will hopefully allow more young families to participate since it will be happening AFTER naptime. Moving to a different venue is giving us close restrooms… a play structure for little ones… more confined area… and a nice view of the San Joaquin River. It will still be all-you-can-eat tri-tip and fix’ns, and we’re bringing back the “dessert potluck” to Pastor George’s delight!

It’s also the day before Mother’s Day.  INVITE MOM!