High School Newsletter

This past weekend the high school ministry spent the evening hanging out at the home of Larry and Bette Schramm. It was fantastic! The food was phenomenal (can’t go wrong with BBQ tri-trip!), the fun was crazy, and the fellowship was encouraging. Many of the students impressed us with their attire for the the “Future Me” theme. The evening was also an opportunity to reflect back almost five hundred years and consider a powerful takeaway from the life of Martin Luther. One of the statements from his 95 Theses states, “The Church’s true treasure is the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Wowzers, what a great reminder! Amid all of the turmoil and struggles that can bog down Christians, both individually and corporately, I am so thankful for the powerful new life that is found in Christ. The sufficiency of the Savior’s sacrifice is vital to remember as we look to daily live for the glory of God. We are often distracted by the things of this world or tempted to over-complicate foundational truths of our faith, but there is clarity found in dependence upon Christ. May the treasure of your soul be Christ!

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November High School Newsletter