How to Encourage a Missionary

I wish I was more apt at emphasizing the importance of missions – especially global missions. But let me make an attempt. The Great Commission is not a great option, it is a great commandment. But it should be a commandment we delight in. For when people of every nation come to Christ – God will be honored and glorified. Glorifying Him, declaring His glory while making disciples who treasure Christ above all else is the purpose and mission of this church and every church. The Lord did not leave us here so we might get a good education, followed by a good job, and fulfill the American dream. He left us here as ambassadors, fishers of men. Nothing is more clear in Scripture than this. And this commission also requires we send some of our own to the uttermost parts of the earth to preach the good news.

Our missions emphasis, which we are in the midst of this week … is designed to remind us of this and to motivate us to this high calling. Several of our missionaries will be on campus again this Sunday. One of our responsibilities for those that “went out for the sake of the Name” (III John 7-8) is to support them. In doing so we are on the same team. In John’s words, so that we may be fellow workers with the truth.  We are fellow workers with these dear people as they declare the truth of salvation by grace, through faith in Christ. 

 The Apostle Paul as a missionary, asked the church at Corinth, make room for us in your hearts (II Corinthians 7:2). Let’s go out of our way to do this at Riverpark. 

 Here are a couple of next steps you might use this Sunday:

  • Thank a missionary for their willingness to serve the Lord.
  • Say … It is a privilege to be a fellow worker with you.
  • Let them know you’ll pray for them.