Sow the Seed

One of our high priorities as a church and as individuals is evangelism. I love to hear from those who have been recently saved, and who it was that led them to Christ. The role of the evangelist is so important. But more important is the work of God in the heart after the gospel has been presented. Jesus used a parable to teach this (Mark 4:26-29), and what a great encouragement! Once we share the gospel we can do no more. God works invisibly in the heart of man before anyone is saved. It is His work and His alone. We can sow the seed, but the Holy Spirit alone will make the seed respond. Be faithful to sow and then just like the farmer in verse 26, let God work, trust God to work, rest in God’s work … for he goes to bed at night … and the seed sprouts and grows … how? He does not know. The soil produces the crop by itself … the awakening of man’s heart is God’s work. Let this be an encouragement to patience. Let this be a source of comfort. Let this summon you to hope. Let this strengthen your faith. You can no more save someone than you can make a seed sprout. So be a faithful farmer and sow the seed and leave the results to God.